Updates from the 3/9/2017 Cedar Park City Council Meeting
Friday, March 10, 2017
Written By: Kent Prickett

Last night the Association attended the Cedar Park City Council meeting to speak out against the section in their sign ordinance policy banning temporary signs off premises!

If you remember two weeks ago, the Association spoke out against multiple items on the proposed changes to the city’s sign ordinance. Due to the actions of Christy Gessler two weeks ago, the city changed time frames for stakes and wood signs which affected the ability to place a for sale sign on property. The City Council unanimously passed the proposed changes on that section. See image below.

The point of contention now is temporary signs being used off-premise (i.e. open house & event signs.) The city council deliberated on the importance of these signs for businesses and the residents of the county.As the Governmental Affairs Director for WCREALTORS, I personally spoke to the council and offered an ordinance similar to Round Rock and Leander where permits are needed.  Permitting has been shown to reduce the number of bandit signs across the cities which have already adopted this policy.

In addition and on behalf of the members of WCRALTORS, we recommended to the City Council that the city assemble a group that rely on these temporary signs together to discuss what works, and what doesn’t work. The Association is sensitive to the desire of the citizens who want to remove the unattractive signs; however, the Association is also aware that many of our members rely on these signs to host effective open houses.

The city and the Association will be in communication before the next city council meeting to discuss options and hopefully work on a solution. Stay tuned, and if you have any feedback on this issue, please feel free to contact the Association so we can share your feedback with the Governmental Affairs committee as well as the City of Cedar Park.

About the Author:
Kent has a passion for helping people and has a dream of making a difference in the lives of the people he encounters. In addition to making sure that all the technology in the building is running at optimal levels, Kent also is in charge of the flyers, branding, news articles, press releases and blogs for the Association. Furthermore, he works closely with local media promoting the Association and its members. He also maintains the websites and all the technology in the building. Kent is a graduate of Texas State University and in his spare time enjoys cooking, watching movies and spending time with his family and their friends.


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