The Power of Thank You
Friday, October 28, 2016
Written By: Shavonne Martin

“Thank You” is such a simple phrase, but it goes such a long way because we do not hear it as often as we should.  Thank you is good for your clients, your business partners, your fellow REALTORS® and your business partners. As licensed agents, we are busy, running from one appointment to other, working with multiple buyers and sellers; hosting open houses; family life; writing offers, sometimes even late into the night; etc.

The phrase comes in many different forms. Some say “thank you” with gift cards, over meals, or even a box of freshly baked cookies. Some say it aloud to show their appreciation; others prefer the old-fashioned form of a thank you note. I always keep a stack of thank you notes in my desk for when someone wows me! I have found that a hand-written thank you note goes much further than any other way of saying “thanks”.

Imagine you are out to dinner with friends , unwinding after a stressful week. Imagine that the server is one of the best you have ever had. You can say “thank you”, leave a generous tip, and go about your day. They will appreciate it, but will they remember you, the REALTOR® that is always looking for referrals?

What if you took it a step further and actually got their name and sent a personalized note to their attention at the restaurant with an honest sincere thank you for taking care of you? You could even include a couple business cards with a “if you need any real estate help, I would love to return the wonderful service.” Consider the difference that would make. You took 5 minutes out of your day; however, your thoughtless gesture brightened someone’s day.

You might be asking yourself, “does this really work?”  Ask the agent who took the time after one of the Association’s Bus Tours to write a thank you note to the bus driver. Out of 150 agents, one wrote a note. This agent helped the driver, the driver’s family members, and the driver’s friend all find a house within months of the tour.

This isn’t just true for recruiting purposes. The power of thank you can go such a long way with your teammates, co-workers, assistants and any staff you might have.

According to a 2012 study, organizations that have a “high-recognition culture have a 31% lower turnover than their peers.” That being said when was the last time you told those that make you a success “thank you”?

How do you start getting into the habit of writing thank you notes?

First, determine if you want to get customized thank you note stock printed from a local printer, or if you are okay visiting Target where you can pick up a couple boxes of cards. Secondly, take 5 or 10 minutes at the beginning of each day and just write a thank you note. It does not need to be lengthy, just thoughtful.

It should say “Thank You” not “Thanks.” You are showing your appreciation, take the time to write the extra word.  Be sure to show your gratitude, tell them specifically what you are thankful for, and finally state that you look forward to seeing/working with them again soon. Sign your name, add a business card or two, address the envelope, put a stamp (never run thank you notes through a meter) and drop in the mail.

Make this a habit, the more gratitude you show others, the more that will return your way. Remember people’s email inboxes are flooded with junk and can at times be overwhelming. Their actual mailboxes are usually filled with more junk (and maybe a couple of bills). Take a chance. Stand out above the crowd. You will be surprised at the difference it makes in your business, and in yourself.

About the Author:
Shavonne Martin currently served as the 2016 President of WCREALTORS. Since 2008 Shavonne has been very active at Williamson County Association of REALTORS®. As soon as her membership was active she served on the Community Service and Scholarship Committees. Shavonne was the Chairman for the Marketing and PR Committee in 2010. In 2011 Shavonne served as the Chairman of Community Service, and was elected to serve on the Board of Directors for WCREALTORS in 2012. One year later, in 2013 Shavonne was installed on the Executive Committee as Treasurer and also serving as Chairman of the Finance Committee.


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