Welcome to Cedar Park
Monday, December 15, 2014
Written By: Christy Gessler

Big News for Twin Creeks and Bella Vista Communities in Cedar Park!

Well, it finally happened!!!  The City of Cedar Park announced that effective December 22, 2014, the neighborhoods of Twin Creeks and Bella Vista will officially be annexed!  Why is this such exciting news?

As Cedar Park has grown, the city has been cautious about adding any debt to the city.  Annexing neighborhoods come with a cost to the city in terms of the services that the city assumes for the residents.  These services include police and fire protection, infrastructure, utilities and other costs.  Until a point is reached where is it financially reasonable to annex a community, areas remain classified as an “ETJ” or “extra territorial jurisdiction”.  That was the status that both Twin Creeks and Bella Vista had for many years.

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