Joint General & Special Elections - May 2017

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Seven municipalities in Williamson County will be holding city council and/or mayoral elections this May. If you have not yet registered to vote, please visit the Williamson County Elections Page to make your voice heard!  The Governmental Affairs Committee will be assembling an interviewing task force to interview contested races. To learn more about who is running for what position, please read below. If you or someone you know is interested in serving on the Interviewing Task Force, please click here to contact the Association. 

According to the WilCo Election Page:

  • Last Day to Register to Vote: Tuesday, April 6th
  • First Day of Early Voting: Monday, April 24th 
  • Last Day of Early Voting: Tuesday, May 2nd
  • Last Day to Apply for Ballot-by-Mail: Tuesday, April 25th*
    • *Application must be received by this date, NOT merely postmarked


The following list shows the city council seats across Williamson County voters will be casting their ballots for on May 6th. 


Cedar Parkthe city council is split into 6 seats and a Mayor. Each candidate can only run for 1 place per election. 

  • City Council Place 1 (Uncontested) 
    • Stephen Thomas*
  • City Council Place  3
    • Lyle Grimes*
    • Anne Duffy
  • City Council Place 5
    • Jon Lux*
    • Heather R. Jefts

Florence - There are 3 Seats available from the following candidates

  • Richard Moon*
  • Lesa Ragsdale*
  • Kory Woolverton*
  • Kristin Roese
  • Christopher “Batman” Bryce


  • Mayor
    • Dale Ross*
    • Dr. Sherwin Kahn
  • City Council District 2
    • Valerie Nicholson
    • David Sray
  • City Council District 6 (Uncontested)
    • Rachael Jonrowe*
    • Lawrence Romero


  • City Council Seat 1
    • Steven Harris
    • Scott Rose
    • Dana Wilcott
  • City Council Seat 4
    • Michael Smith*
    • Tim Jordan

Liberty Hill - There are 3 seats available, and all candidates are running unopposed. 

  • Liz Rundzieher
  • Jon Branigan
  • Troy Whitehead


Round Rock

  • Mayor
    • Craig Morgan
    • Josh Couture
    • Hilda Montgomery
  • City Council Seat 1
    • Hollis Bone
    • Tammy Young
    • Matthew Carothers
  • City Council Seat 4
    • Will Peckham*
    • Tracie Storie


  • Council Member at Large
    • Gary Gola
    • Dwayne Ariola
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