TREPAC - Time to “Do Your Dues!”

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When someone mentions TREPAC to you, what do you think?  Hopefully you think of a powerful force in Texas protecting private property rights and the real estate industry in Texas.  Hopefully you think of a TREPAC investment as insurance for your business.  You don’t?  Well it’s time to change your train of thought.

TREPAC, the Texas Real Estate Political Action Committee, is one of the strongest political action committees in the state.  Why?  Members!!  We have strength in numbers but currently only have approximately 54% of members participating (that means investing!) in TREPAC.  Can you imagine the benefit we would enjoy if everyone invested their fair share?  We can get there, but we need YOU!  Confused about TREPAC?  Let me roll out a scenario for you:

Every responsible person insures their car, their home, their lives, their health, even their computer and smart phone…. so, why wouldn’t you insure your business?  For as little as $35 per year, you can have an insurance policy to protect your interests and those of private property owners in Texas.  Imagine this….you are driving down the road, fully insured and being cautious as you drive along, then WHAM!  Out of no where, you are broadsided by another vehicle.  After checking to make sure you are okay and checking to see if anyone else was injured, you check for damage to your vehicle and the other driver’s vehicle.  Then you attempt to exchange insurance information.  You learn the other driver is not insured.  Now what?  You have a big problem on your hands: extra costs to have your vehicle repaired, possible costs to repair the other vehicle, and increased rates for your policy as soon as you file the claim.   Compare this to investing in TREPAC.  If you are not buying your annual personal insurance policy, you are at risk.  Even if you purchase your policy, there are others who are not.   We need to encourage all Texas REALTORS® to do their part and purchase their insurance.  Again, our strength lies in numbers and the more we can spread the word about TREPAC and the benefits of insuring our business, our industry and the interests of private property owners in Texas will be protected.

The Texas Legislature is facing a multi-billion dollar budget shortfall and will be searching for new sources of revenue, including taxes on your commissions and sales taxes (i.e., transfer taxes) on real estate transactions.  Purchasing your insurance is easy!  Just include your TREPAC investment on the upcoming dues billing cycle.  One time, once a year, $35.00 fair share.  Those funds are then re-invested into candidates that support our issues and agree that Texas real estate is one of the backbones of our local economy and should be carefully protected.  It is so easy to “Do Your Dues!”  If you want to learn more, visit the TREPAC website and click on the "Member Site Link".  You’ll see some great new videos, filmed with local REALTORS®, emphasizing their commitment to “Do My Dues!”.  You will also find other tools to help you stay informed, including the free Legislative Liaison.

Beyond investing, all local Associations are looking for more Texas REALTORS® to join in the process.  There are local TREPAC and Government Affairs committees that would love your participation, whether it is event planning and fundraising, committee work, or interviewing candidates.  

Every Texas REALTOR® should be registered to vote.  The deadline for registering for the November election has passed, but please don’t let that stop you from registering to vote today.   An amazing 24% of Texas REALTORS® are not registered to vote.  If you are registered to vote, please encourage at least one other REALTOR® to register.  We are blessed to be in Texas and have a strong real estate industry, but that can change if we don’t rally together as Texas REALTORS®.   

Be sure to “Do Your Dues” and do the best you can to encourage more Texas REALTORS® to participate!


Article written by: Christy Gessler, Texas REALTOR® and 2012 WCREALTORS President 

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