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After 42 years, the Williamson County Association of REALTORS® finally has an ownership in a MLS. With the partnership of Fort Hood Area, Four Rivers, Temple-Belton, Williamson County, and Victoria Area Association, REALTORS® can gain access to 14 counties in 1 MLS. It is happening now! Join, upload, explore, and expand your market! Contact the Williamson County Association of REALTORS® and sign up for the Central Texas MLS today!


Five Questions on the CTXMLS

Hear the answers to the five tough questions on the Central Texas MLS from this interview with Jack Stapleton and Mary Miner!

Providing More Value

With the Central Texas MLS we not only have ownership and a voice in the data we receive, but we also gain an expansion in our search parameters to provide more value to our clients!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CTXMLS?   

The Williamson County Association of REALTORS® is proud to announce its partnership with Four Rivers Association of REALTORS® and Temple-Belton Board of REALTORS® in the creation of Central Texas’s first Regional Shareholder Multiple Listing Service covering Bell, Caldwell, Comal, Gonzales, Guadalupe, Hays, and Williamson Counties. 

It is important to remember this is an additional benefit for our members and does not need to replace any other MLS membership. Rather, it gives you, our members, an opportunity of subscribing to either the CTXML, staying with your current vendor, joining multiple MLS systems or subscribing to any MLS you wish to join. The benefit to our members is the freedom to participate in the MLS or MLSs’ that will give their clients the greatest exposure of their listings.

What is the cost to join the CTXMLS?    

Right now joining the CTXMLS is free! The association has provided this time for agents to enter listings, explore listings in the neighboring areas, and expand their market. Fees will be begin in January 2017 and will run $35 a month paid every six months.

Is leasing included in the new CTXMLS?  

Absolutely, leasing is included with no additional cost. Members of the CTXMLS will be able to receive access to the multiple listing service, leasing, technical support, and training all in one subscription fee!

How many agents will be able to see my listings in the new CTXMLS?    

Currently, there are over 1700 agents in the Four Rivers area and another 800-900 agents will be coming on from Temple Belton by the end of this month.  In addition to any other agents in the area who join – potentially another 500-600 prior to the end of the year. 

Is there someone or someplace to get help with entering my listing during this free time?  

You can call the association anytime to schedule a staff person to come out to your office or schedule a time for you to come in and get help.  Just call 512-255-6211 or e-mail: to get the help you need.  Also on Fridays from 1pm-3pm our MLS Director will be available for our MLS Open Lab to help you enter listings, answer your questions, and listen to your feedback.

Do I need to be a member of the Association to join the CTXMLS?    

No you do not.  You only need to belong to one association in Texas to join an MLS system.  Associations provide member services, the MLS provides real estate data and you can subscribe to as many different MLS systems in TX as you would like.  The only requirement is that if you are not a broker, your Broker or DR will need to join prior to you being able to access the system.  

You Have a Voice

Williamson County is growing and REALTORS® finally have a voice in the data they receive! With today’s technology and websites like and Zillow, clients sometimes have more information than REALTORS®. The CTXMLS’ vision of uniting Associations and uniting REALTORS® in Texas to create a Regional MLS, puts the focus back on you and makes you the expert in your field! By having an extra database and having more information you can better equip yourself to provide service to your clients.

Strength in Numbers

It’s Happening! 7 Counties, 3 Boards, 1 MLS. That’s the Power of the CTXMLS. By uniting associations and REALTORS® you get security, options, confidence, and strength in numbers! Join today to upload, explore, and expand your business!

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Forward Thinking

It is counterintuitive that consumers in today’s marketplace have access to all the listings across the nation on sites like for free, yet REALTORS® are only able to see limited local MLS data in our subscription-based MLS’s. We lose many opportunities to get our listings in front of other REALTORS® in areas where MLS […]

November 8, 2016

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Your Clients. Your Choice.

The Association became an owner in the CTXMLS by purchasing shares of the CTXMLS Corporation. The current shareholders are: Temple-Belton, Four Rivers and WCREALTORS. Each association purchased shares in the initial startup of the Corporation. As new shareholders come into the association, those shares will be split accordingly amongst all associations, so each association has […]

October 31, 2016

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