Update on Cedar Park Sign Ordinance
Friday, February 24, 2017

Last night the Association attended the City Council Meeting in Cedar Park to learn about their proposed sign ordinance. Darian Rausch, BOD Treasurer, Christy Gessler, WCREALTORS Past President, and Kent Prickett, WCREALTORS Governmental Affairs Director attended the event. 

We listened to the city's presentation on signs and the proposed sign ordinances across the entire city. Every city across the nation is reworking their ordinances based on the Supreme Court decision in 2015 on the Reed v. Town of Gilbert case. This case says that a municipality cannot enact an ordinance dictating the content on a sign; therefore, "open house sign" ordinances across the country are being rewritten as generic sign ordinances. 

The City of Cedar Park has classified the signs as "Temporary Signs" and therefore, are not allowed off-premise of an event. That means signs directing potential clients to your open house are prohibited.  You can only put an open house sign in the front yard of the house you are holding open. The Association believes that this ordinance is too prohibitive, and hinders our members from doing their job effectively.

Christy Gessler testified before the group that their proposed ordinance was too restrictive and hindered real estate efforts across the city. This dialogue with the City of Cedar Park resulted in city staff and the council looking at staked temporary signs to see if there is a way to adhere to the Reed v. Gilbert case and not interfere with business activities.

Check back soon as The Association will post an update as soon as we have one. The next City Council Meeting for Cedar Park will be held March 9th at 7:00 pm at the City Council Chambers - Bldg. 4. 

About the Author:
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