The Scary Things We See in Real Estate
Tuesday, October 03, 2017
Written By: Suzanne Gantner

Since Halloween is coming up, we thought it would be fun to talk about some creepy and scary things that we go through when selling Real Estate. These things don't happen all the time, usually, it's business as usual but when they do, you don't forget it.

First thing I would like to address is when we have a scary client. You know the kind, they follow behind you.... breathing down your neck, questioning your every statement and then decide you aren't the expert they are. They then decide to voice their opinion on everything and it is always negative. These people are called energy drainers, they just wear you out and down.

Next on my list of terrifying is going into a vacant home and it smells as if someone or something has been there or is living there illegally. You know that feeling, right? Something is just a little out of place, there is a sweaty, musky smell and although it is listed as vacant, there is a coke can on the counter top and dirty dishes in the sink. One time I was checking my client’s property and found dog like feces in the rooms upstairs. Turned out, we had been graced by a family of raccoons. Called Kritter Ridder - what a nightmare.

Going into a haunted house is 3rd on my "I don't particularly like list." For some reason, I was blessed with somewhat of a sixth sense and pick up signals. I list a lot of historical homes and B & B's which are generally older homes with a past. I can walk into a room and know something else is there in spirit. It generally creeps my friends out but luckily, they've all been gentle or friendly souls. I see many orbs and occasionally the lights will flicker a little, to let me know they know I know they are there.

Nobody I know likes to go into dark, dimly lit homes, the very thought of it scares a lot of my fellow real estate agents. What are we scared of? Things that go bump in the night like closets that may have someone lurking in them, somebody in the attic or garage? Yikes!! Dolls are a big thing with me, can you say CHUCKY? I do not like dolls, they creep me out more than the ghosts.

As you can see a REALTOR® sees a lot of things daily - good and bad. We must watch our backs from creepy clients; spooky, dark homes; unwanted open house guests; hoarders; dangerous properties; high housing costs; rising interest rates; bad lenders; death on the property; bad credit and more!!

Happy Halloween everyone.

About the Author:
Suzanne is a graduate of Southwest Texas State University (now known as Texas State University – San Marcos). While at SWTSU Suzanne floated the River regularly, attended Wurstfest, joined the Gamma Phi Beta sorority, was an OBI for the Theta Xi's and graduated with an Art Degree. Shortly after, Suzanne was asked to open up the Central Texas Market for the Greensheet paper. In her career, she has worked in many marketing positions in the home building industry, which led her down the path she has come to love. The housing industry was Suzanne’s direction to greatness. She worked my way up in several Fortune 500 Home Builders to the level of VP of Marketing. Those were great jobs and great days. When 9/11 happened, the nation panicked and many jobs were lost due to uncertainty in the market place, including hers. At that time she created her own ad agency - Creative Minds where her clients where the home builders who had let their marketing staff go. Suzanne got her real estate license and started selling and listing in 2003 and never looked back. She loves where she is and what she does. Suzanne serves as the 2017 President of the Williamson Count Association of REALTORS®.


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