Status Options in Central Texas MLS
Monday, February 27, 2017
Written By: Kent Prickett

Belonging to two MLS systems is not a new business practice for most REALTORS.   Prior to the creation of the Central Texas MLS Regional, many of our members belonged to two, three, or even four MLSs. This new consolidation of data has been extremely effective in helping agents market their properties to a wider pool of agents.  But with consolidation comes confusion about what certain fields mean in the new CTXMLS system.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have had many questions on what the different statuses in CTXMLS mean and how to use them correctly. In addition, we’ve even had some agents who have had issues closing out a listing because of the status codes.

CTXMLS has 8 status codes, and each of them represents a different array of data. The current codes are A, B, O, T, W, U, S, and X.  The descriptions of each are listed below, including how to make some of the codes available in the Listing Input & Edit Screen.

Active (A)

This listing is available to show, has no current offers, and is accepting offers

Pending Backups (B)

This listing is available to show, has at least one current offer, and is accepting back up offers. This is a good status to use when you are in multiple options, or there is a contingent offer on the property. Compare this to the ACTRIS “Active Contingent (AC)” status.

Pending w/ Option (O)

This listing has an accepted and executed current offer, and based on the contract is in the option period. You should contact the listing agent prior to showing. No backup offers are being solicited. After the option period has ended, you should change the status of this listing to Under Contract (U).

Temp Off Market (T)

Due to extenuating circumstances, this property is off the market. No attempts should be made to contact the seller to schedule a showing.

Withdrawn (W)

The listing agent has withdrawn the listing from MLS and the property is no longer on the market. Any attempt to contact the sellers should be approved with extreme caution and at the will of your broker. This change must be completed by someone with Broker Level access within your office.

Under Contact (U)

There is an accepted contract that is outside of the option period.  Prior to moving a property to the “Sold (S)” status, you must make sure that the listing has a status of U.

Sold (S)

The listing has closed and funded. You must update the MLS in a timely manner when the property has sold.

Expired (X)

The listing has remained active past the expiration date of the listing agreement. Only a staff of the MLS or a shareholder Association can move a listing from X to A.

As always, if you have any questions on how to use the CTXMLS, you are welcome to attend any of the classes the Association hosts, in addition, you can contact the Association at 512.255.6211 or via email at

About the Author:
Kent has a passion for helping people and has a dream of making a difference in the lives of the people he encounters. In addition to making sure that all the technology in the building is running at optimal levels, Kent also is in charge of the flyers, branding, news articles, press releases and blogs for the Association. Furthermore, he works closely with local media promoting the Association and its members. He also maintains the websites and all the technology in the building. Kent is a graduate of Texas State University and in his spare time enjoys cooking, watching movies and spending time with his family and their friends.


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