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Welcome to WCREALTORS Membership FAQ section.  We have gathered some of our most frequently asked questions.  If you cannot find the answer to your question please contact our Membership Department at 512.255.6211.

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I am a new sales agent and would like to join the association. What do I have to do and how much are the dues?

First off, congratulations on passing your Real Estate Exam, and welcome to the Williamson County Association of REALTORS®. To join our association the following steps apply:

  • Your broker has to be a member with Williamson County Association of REALTORS® (WCREALTORS)
  • Your license has to be active in TREC. The license information is available on the TREC site at; If you have a copy of the sponsorship form stamped by TREC we can start the registration process.
  • You may find the fee schedule on our website by clicking here.
  • Click here to start your online application process. 
  • All new licensees have to pay an application fee as well as the fee for the Orientation and NAR Code of Ethics training.  Find the month that you are joining on the fee schedule to calculate the dues. The New Member Orientation and NAR Code of Ethics training is mandatory and has to be attended within 120 days after the registration date with the association
I am already a member of another board. How do I join your board?

You may join WCREALTORS as a primary or secondary member as long as your broker is an active member with our Association.

  • Only local dues and application fee are paid for a secondary membership.
  • If you are transferring from another board, or joining us as a secondary member, we request a letter of good standing from your previous or current board so we can determine if you have already paid your state and national dues for the current year.
  • Applications are available here
Will I be double billed for a secondary membership?

No, you do not have to pay the TAR and NAR dues if you paid them to your primary association. For a secondary membership, all you pay are the local board dues only. There is an application fee for all new members. We request a letter of good standing from your current board so we can determine if you have already paid your state and national dues for the current year.

I am an appraiser. How do I join the board?

Please complete the Designated REALTOR Application Form and email to or fax to 512.255.0666. You can also contact the membership office at 512.255.6211 to set up an appointment to join the association.

How do I update my email address, street address, phone number, fax number etc.?

The fastest way to update your account is to log in to your account on our website with your TREC license number (with a leading zero) and your password. Select ”Personal Information” to make the updates. You may send an email or call us with all the updates and we will make the changes to your account.

I just got married and need to get my last name changed. What do I need to do?

Make the changes with TREC first. Once your license reflects the change you may fax or email us a copy of your updated license and we can process your request.

I will no longer keep my license. Do you need to know about that?

Yes, we need to know. Please take care of the following:

  • Make sure your account is up to date with WCREALTORS.
  • Send an email to the membership department stating you will go inactive.
  • Make sure your broker returns your license to TREC.
  • Return your Active key and charger if applicable.
I just received my broker's license and will be opening my own office. Where do I start?

As soon as your license status reflects the change in TREC, we can process the status change. Please complete the Broker (Designated REALTOR) Application form and email the form to or fax the form to 512.255.0666. You may pay the DR application fee by phone with a credit card. You are always welcome to stop by and bring the Broker Application form and pay by check or cash as well.

When I return a license to TREC do I need to notify WCREALTORS?

Yes, please notify us when you terminate one of your licensees. You can simply send us a copy of the termination of sponsorship form you send to TREC (by email to or fax it to the membership department at 512.255.0666.

As a broker, what information do I need to give a new licensee about joining the association?

Please have the new agent complete an Online Application

My company works with REALTORS®. I would like to market my services and network with REALTORS®. What can you offer?

An affiliate membership is the best way to accomplish this goal. This will give you the ability to network and advertise with REALTORS®. You may market to REALTORS® about your services, products and create lasting working partnership with other members. You will receive news that will keep you abreast of current market conditions and trends in Williamson County. A weekly email blast will provide you with the home sales statistics and other real estate information.  You may attend all the property tours as well. We offer many advertising opportunities (paper or web based).

I am a broker and a member with the Association. My wife has an active license but does not actively work in real estate. I am her sponsoring broker. Does she have to join the Association?

Yes, if you are a member of an association and sponsoring an agent with an active license, the agent needs to join within 30 days of sponsorship date or you need to return the license to TREC.

As the Designated REALTOR®, you are responsible for dues for all non-member licensees that are either directly (broker license) or indirectly (corporate license) affiliated with you and/or your firm.  The return of the salespersons license or a notice of salesperson sponsorship termination to TREC with a copy to WCREALTORS will release the DR/Broker from the dues obligation

I am a new licensee and would like to sign up for TREC Ethics.

If you are a new licensee and already a member with our association you are registered for the next available Orientation and NAR Code of Ethics Training. You are required to take the TREC Ethics training during your second renewal in real estate. Please contact our membership department to check on the training date you signed up for.

I have a new agent; do I just send him/her to the Association to Sign Up?

Please have the new agent complete an Online Application

I will not be renewing my WCREALTORS membership next year, can I just let it lapse?

Please contact us so we can inactivate your account with WCREALTORS, TAR and NAR. You may return the equipment at our office to prevent further service charges.

I am changing brokers what do I need to do?

Please follow these steps:

  • Check if your new broker is a member with WCREALTORS.
    • If your broker is not a member with WCREALTORS, he/she would need to join for your membership to remain with our association.
  • Take a completed sponsorship form to TREC.
  • Fill out the Change of Broker Form
    • Complete and send the WCREALTORS Change of Broker Form with a $25.00 payment for the Broker Transfer Fee (credit card information) by e-mail ("> or Fax # 512.255.0666. You may also stop by the office at 123 East Old Settlers Blvd., Round Rock, TX 78664 to have the changes processed.
    • Please provide written notification to the Association within 30 days.
    • We will provide the information to ACTRIS to update your MLS Information (additional charges might apply.)
I just paid my dues in September, why do I have to pay dues again?

Membership Dues are paid every year by December 15th to avoid a finance charge. our MLS dues are due to ACTRIS in March & September and each payment covers 6 months of service.  

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